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Free Website Chatbot for WordPress

The Best 13 WordPress Chatbots For Your Website in 2023

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Landbot is a chatbot platform that aims to help businesses create “conversational experiences” with their site visitors. Joonbot is yet another simple chatbot solution that makes creating a WordPress chatbot a snap. Of all the best WordPress chatbot plugins, this one has conquered my heart with its cute name. All the emotions aside, BotPenguin is a platform that develops a chatbot for your websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media.

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This is where a live chat for your website could be a huge help. A WordPress chatbot would enable you to connect with your users via an automated chat system, which provides them with information and help in a casual, friendly manner. Best of all, it doesn’t require the same level of human interaction on your side, freeing your time and resources for other tasks. Choosing the right chatbot WordPress plugin can save you a lot of time and money.

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The valuable customer data collected helps in engaging customers in a personalized way as well as marketing the products differently to expand brand outreach. Chatbots for WordPress can use a preset questionnaire to persuade the visitors for lead generation and ensure higher conversion rates. Learn how to use the Airtable Integration in your chatbots with this tutorial. Create relational databases with a no-code policy and use it in your bot to add or get records. The best way to improve your audience’s user experience and drive conversions is to have a user-friendly website that directs visitors to take action. ChatBot offers a wider range of bots – from lead generation to sales, job application, and FAQ bots.

Let our experts help you understand how to leverage your business with web & WhatsApp chatbots. From live chat to full-page bots, this tutorial will show you how to embed your bot on your Webflow website. Learn to set up the Human Takeover block in your Landbot account to assign agents and provide personalized assistance to customers. The Webhook block in Landbot enables users to exchange data with external apps and servers, making it a valuable feature for advanced users. Free plugins start at $0, while more advanced solutions range from $10 to $100/month – or more.

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And you can start using it for free with limited features, but it’s a good start if you want to discover the benefits of chatbots. Plugins are the solution to many problems, and you want to use them too. In this article, we’ll discover the different WordPress chatbot plugins so you can choose the best one for your business.

  • Live chat is a communication tool that allows visitors to chat with a member of your customer support team through a chat window on your website.
  • Use the retargeting feature to prompt users with an enticing offer.
  • WPBot can greet returning users or show your message in the notification area.
  • It also includes conversation storage for holding important customer conversation history in case reps need to go back and find important information.

Provide instant responses to customer queries 24/7 and proactively message users with custom greetings to boost engagement. You can also make use of multilingual chatbots to expand your reach and communicate with customers in their native language. From 24/7 customer support responses to sales information and marketing, you’ll likely be able to find a way chatbots can work for you. WordPress chatbots enhance the ecommerce customer experience by providing them with a 24/7 access point for instant help. That way they can get answers to their questions and reach out for help no matter the time of day or how many service reps are working on other tickets. Answering common questions is one of the things WordPress chatbots are best at.

When you’ve added the interactions you want, routed them, and designed the bot as you to the Publish tab. If an existing chatbot is close to what you’re wanting, you can duplicate that one instead by clicking the three-dot menu by that bot and selecting Duplicate. If you are using a self-hosted WordPress site, you can install any plugins you like without purchasing a WordPress subscription.

Now AI is being developed and can be seen in WordPress plugins. There is an AI-based plugin that can be essential for your website. Instead of writing custom code or using any restrictive and inflexible table solution, make it easy for yourselves to build branded tables in just a few minutes. And if you find this article informative, don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts.

You can configure WP chatbots to pass visitors seamlessly to a live rep if they need more expert assistance. WP-Chatbot for Messenger is fully integrable with a business’ Facebook page. Users can hold conversations over Facebook messenger or the company’s website widget. The OmniChat™ feature by MobileMonkey allows for chatbot conversations across multiple messaging platforms, and lets users add live chat functions to their website. “Smarty,” Smartsupp’s chatbot, is widely used in Europe and supports conversation in seven different languages.

Now, simply choose the bot that you just created from the dropdown menu. Once you have done that, just add the bot response and click the ‘Save and Close’ button at the top. This will take you to a new page where you will need to provide your email address and enter an account name and password. Now, you can visit your WordPress site to see your chatbot in action. For example, if you want the bot’s welcome message to appear immediately once someone visits your website, then you can choose the ‘Pop open the welcome message as a prompt’ option. Once you’ve provided your details and set a password for your new account, HubSpot will ask you about the industry that you work in.

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